Track Light

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Track lighting is a modern, innovative and especially versatile lighting solution, and when we say solution we mean it. The flexibility in the quantity of lighting you can install is immense. The tracks join together so you can select the amount of lights you need. Track lighting puts you in control and lets you get creative with the distribution of light and the quality it can add to your interior design.


Specially designed to focus on objects

Gives great detail to the object in focus with small beam angle

Easily adjustable in two directions

Slide able over track to adjust focus of light according to object’s location

Smart design which gives aesthetic look to the place of use


Garments Retails Outlets, Art Galleries, Resturants, Portraits or Decorative Objects in Household and Offices


Type:LED COB Track Light

Light Color: Warm White, Natural White, Daylight

Wattage(W):12W 20W 30W


Package Content: 1 pcs x LED Light + Single Ceiling Base

(Order 3 Pieces and get 1 Meter Track Channel.)



Additional information

12W DayLight-White



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